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Elite European Sport Horses was started in 1998 to enrich the sport of dressage in the United States. What began as a hobby and a personal search for that special prospect, evolved into an exciting and successful business focused solely on the trade of European Dressage horses. Our search ultimately led us to European breeders renowned for producing European dressage horses with superior bloodlines. It is here that we were able to source the very horses we had been searching for.


Though our business model has evolved over the years, we have always remained focused on breeding and raising quality horses. We achieve this from our lifelong relationships with trainers, breeders and industry professionals in both Europe and the United States.  We strive to find, produce and develop horses with the potential for careers in the art of dressage. 


Our stallions, mares and geldings pages reflect our current prospects that are available for sale.  They are in varying stages of development and training. In addition to this, we offer licensed breeding stallions, premium mares as well as foals. Our horses are from our own breedings or obtained from outside breeders and raised alongside our own.  


Presently, our horses are stabled in the Butjadingen, Paderborn and Düsseldorf areas of Germany where they are happy, well cared for and able to run free in the countryside.

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